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Murder Mystery

Interactive Entertainment
Themed & Tailored to Clients Requirements

Our immersive Murder Mystery events are killer! We offer a range of themes for clients to choose from and cater for small intimate groups of 9 to 40 and large groups of up to 250. Our professional actors, fully costumed lead you through an interactive journey to identify the event’s murderer and depending on your chosen theme, up to 20 guests can form an integral part of the story.

The Truth Will Out – 1920’s Murder Mystery – (Christmas Version also available)

The scene is set over the reading of the late Lord Fortescue’s will, guests have travelled worldwide to the Fortescue Manor to see what they have been left. There are some shady characters afoot including a gangster from Chicago and a Mexican peasant. Something dramatic occurs over aperitifs and everyone is detained as they could all be suspects. No-one is beyond suspicion even the lady of the house, the saucy maid or the local vicar!

The Curse of the Mummy’s Daddy – Egyptian themed Murder Mystery set in the 1930’s

It is 1930’s Cairo and everyone has been invited to a gala evening to celebrate the unveiling of the treasures found in Massiftitis tomb. The tomb has been discovered by the famous explorer Indiana Bones and there is a great air of excitement as the relics are revealed. It is to be a colourful evening with entertainment from the belly-dancer nicknamed The Spider Woman. There are many interesting characters eager to view the treasures, including a journalist from London, a rival French archaeologist funded by the Reich and a expert on spiders. When one of the relics are stolen suspicion falls on everyone and when murder is added to the mayhem there are many questions to be answered before the prime suspect can be narrowed down.

When we had notion to do this as a team building night, we didn’t realise how much the team would embrace it, so for us it was a very successful event. We were very impressed with the organisation leading up to the event and the quality of the presentation on the night- James Graham, Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre.

A Knight to Remember – A Medieval themed Murder Mystery

You have been invited to attend the pre-tournament banquet at the castle of Shallot. Sir Prance Alot has been away fighting the dragon, will he make it make before the tournament begins? The Queen is dead and the King has remarried but is his new wife really an evil sorceress as Princess Silverskin would have you believe or are there others present with the motive to ruin the feast with treachery and bloodshed?

A Victorian Seance Murder Mystery (can also be set in the 1920’s)

Your host M. Vitas a clairvoyant will lead you to the other side. Can you contact the Late Lord Bertie and find out whom amongst you are hiding dark secrets? No-one is beyond suspicion whatever their rank or social standing, you never know what will happen when you join hands and contact the supernatural!

Murder on the Dance Floor- A 1970’s themed Murder Mystery

You are all guests at a pre competition dinner hosted by Peter Stringvest and his lovely fiancé Foxy Valentine, surely nothing could go wrong at such a happy discotastic occasion? Amongst the famous and infamous judges and partygoers jealousy and sordid secrets lurk. Get your party shows on and see what events unravel as the disco ball starts spinning!

Select a plot and make an event of it!


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