PPA Connect
Awards 2015

A real life magical Winter Wonderland.

PPA Connect Awards 2015

Frozen Statues, Martini Glass Act
Duo Acro, Foot Archer
Clockwork nutcracker

We continued our relationship with PPA for their 2015 Connect Awards, with this year’s celebration – of the best in class within our vibrant events industry – being held in the lovely ‘Winter Wonderland’ themed etc.venues 155 Bishopsgate.

As part of the glittering awards ceremony and working to a tight brief, we helped guests get into the Christmas spirit with a beautiful pair of roaming ice statues that were supported by our Frozen Ice Martini Glass Dance Act.

Attendees were well entertained throughout the evening by our fantastic acrobatic duo, a stunning foot archer performance (soon to be seen on TV and stage via Britain’s got Talent 2016) and rounded off with a clockwork nutcracker dancer.

An enormous THANK YOU to the ThinkersLive team, the acts were absolutely brilliant, so unique, and just gorgeous. The foot archery and acro duo were my personal faves and so refreshing. The archer performance really wowed, it was something very few have seen before and was perfect for this audience! It’s always a pleasure working with you and thanks so much for making it so easy.” Hannah Bray, Head of Events, PPA.

Working closely with PPA for a number of years, we helped them achieve their main objective with a thoroughly entertaining and professional awards evening.


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