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ThinkersLive Media Training is a collection of targeted, innovative learning experiences which apply our theatrical, performance-based background to training and coaching.
Take a look at our group and individual courses, which are highly effective in building a range of skills and capabilities using distinctive methods. Watch the video below to learn more.

Your Course

Group Courses


Our exciting group courses are the perfect way to motivate and educate a team using inventive methods. As well as our core options, we work with our clients to provide, new and multi-faceted training to meet specific requirements.
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Full Day Course

Our Influential Communication course is our master offering. The course is a full day of highly unique and immersive media-based tools and techniques with clear learning outcomes. You will experience an entertaining day which aligns with your business ambitions and enables you to attain invaluable results.

  • Define and communicate your personal brand with Speed Networking & Video Pitch challenges
  • Deal with unpredictable and challenging scenarios
  • Harness the power of emotive storytelling with our ‘TED Talk’ style task
  • Developing Influential Communication Skills by taking on skills famed by West End performers
  • Sharpening your presentation skills to aid personal business growth
  • Learn to own the stage without saying a word by utilising impactful body language
We’ve also condensed our courses into helpful half day sessions for you too. No matter what your requirements, our offerings are flexible and we’ll work with you and your team to achieve your learning outcomes.

Talk Like

Half Day Course
  • Grow rapport through vocal illustration
  • Utilise business storytelling to sell products and/or services and build trust
  • Break down barriers using public-speaking techniques
  • Command the attention of an audience and secure their support

Meet the

Half Day Course
  • Structure your pitch in order to gain support through intellectual influence
  • Deliver a winning presentation with a strong brand message
  • Deal with difficult questions under pressure
  • Realise your objectives and goals with commercially-effective pitches

Magic of

Full Day Course

Magic is a journey, a foretelling of something extraordinary, which guarantees intrigue from an audience. It is this journey, which you can then use in business.

  • Harness a new level of connectivity with your audience through the secrets of traditional and modern magic
  • Break down everyday limitations and realise possibilities
  • Learn to use traditional magic techniques to make a lasting first impression and captivate an audience
  • Quickly improve upon skills you never knew you had, and take these into working life in a positive way
  • Improve your focus using magic techniques and breathing exercises commonly used during hypnotism
  • Boost your memory through creative problem-solving techniques used in the art of deception
Individual Courses


Our individual courses focus on understanding your personal needs and goals. From a one to one coaching session a half-day of private training, we always aim to empower you as an individual.
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Half Day Course
  • Prepare and fine-tune your pitch with expert guidance
  • Inject energetic presentation techniques into your speaking
  • Utilitse advanced storytelling practices to captivate listeners
  • Enchant and fascinate your audience by building rapport


Half Day Course
  • Create a presentation which is representative of your brand
  • Advance your public-speaking abilities and create opportunities for commercial gain
  • Structure your message to accurately represent your brand and objectives
  • Calm your nerves using theatrical and media-based techniques


We have the privilege of working with some fantastic businesses both nationally and internationally. We always work both creatively and intelligently to ensure that the needs of our clients come first.

  • Just a quick note to thank you for your services, as they were exceptional and you delivered everything you promised and more.

    Martin LovellHendricks-Lovell
  • I was forced to step outside of my comfort zone. The bite sized chunks of work and examples kept the learning fresh.

    Warren PaullEMC
  • The course helps you to become more conscious of how you present yourself, so that you can make the most of opportunities when they arise.

    Tom RickeyVeInteractive
  • The roleplay was particularly enjoyable, it gives you the chance to put the content and what you have learnt into practice!

    Adam IsaacThinkersConnect


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